We Never Left Town – OUT NOW –

I’m very proud to announce the release of my new solo guitar album We Never Left Town! Stream or buy the record on Bandcamp, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and many other online platforms. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do. It’s my most personal album to date. Composed, performed and recorded by yours truly.

New Single “Heartland”

Hi everyone! I’m very proud to announce that my new single “Heartland” is out now. It’s the opening track of my upcoming album “We Never Left Town” which will be out on January 27, 2017. Pre-order “We Never Left Town” here to receive an instant download of “Heartland”.


I love the quiet. I like the normal. I love walking through my old neighborhood. This brings back memories of a time without worries. Riding a bike to my friend’s place (who twenty-five years later still happens to be my best friend). Suburbia is inspiring to me. It’s a big part of We Never Left Town.


I have always been a great fan of Americana and it was a matter of time that I was going to do something with it. I grew up listening to blues music, which inspired me into learning to play the guitar as a kid. The last few years I’ve been getting back to listening this music more intensely and discovered new songs, new artists, new music. Also I’ve been getting into country and folk music a lot more in the last few years and started incorporating elements of these styles into my playing and writing. So I started writing instrumental songs that were just these tunes relying strongly on I-IV progressions with simple melodies.

Feeling really good about the vibe of some of these songs I started thinking of my next recording. I ended up playing these songs by myself most of the time, just me and the guitar, at home, quiet. After having released five albums with full band line-ups I really felt that it was time for something else. So that’s why I decided to write music for a layered solo-guitar project, inspired by folk, country, blues and jazz, with the focus on songs. I want to record and release this music myself and present it on a digital platform.

Meanwhile I will play this music with a trio sometimes. Check for “Americana Trio” dates on www.marzioscholten.com.